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Meet Richard Flook

Richard Flook is a world wide speaker, Hay House author, healer and creator of Advanced Clearing Energetics. He guides individuals and practitioners to heal illness or pain by finding and clearing the energetic shocks that may trigger disease.

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"Thanks to Richard's team my sciatic backspin has now gone and myarm, that couldn't straighten for 17 years, is now straight" - Libby Steggles - Ginn
"When I found Richard's work, I found the missing piece to healing" - Glenda Johnson - Professional Health Coach
"Richard's mentoring throughout the years has been both personal and business" - Shiri Ben Arzi - 
CEO & Founder of Medical 
Coaching Institute
"He has opened my world and mind to different possibilities while working with someone"- Shona Linton - Optometrist

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