March 14

How An Unexpected Shock Meeting These 4 Requirements Can Cause An Illness.


In my work I believe we have the answers to ‘what causes disease?’ Experience of working with clients with all sorts of illness (including cancer and heart disease) shows that when people go through a shocking experience that they are unable to deal with, it causes the body to change, freeze, fight, or defend itself.

The criteria of the shock must be as follows:




No strategy

All of these 4 things, which I coined a UDIN moment back in 2004, for ease of reference, must be present for a disease to occur. Let me explain each one:


An unexpected shock comes out of the blue. For example, parents see their child killed by a speeding car, or the sudden loss of a parent or loved one at a young age. On the other hand, if parents frequently tell their child (or vice versa) they will commit suicide, then if they do, it is a traumatic shock but not unexpected. There was ‘an expectation’ this could happen.


dramatic shock means there is a lot of emotional energy involved in the event. An example would be the decision to end a destructive relationship despite loving the other person. Hearing the voice of a partner pleading can hurt very deeply. An unexpected shock that is not that dramatic might be overhearing some unwelcome news, such as parents learning that their son or daughter plans to spend Christmas with their partner, rather than with them because the parents don’t get along with the partner.


An isolating shock means feeling totally alone in dealing with the event. Having to fight to stay in the marital home after the death of a partner or spouse, because children want the home to be sold, would be an example. An unexpected, dramatic shock, which is not isolating, is where the trauma is a shared experience. For example, an entire class mourning the loss of a classmate killed in a car accident; everyone talks openly about their feelings of grief.

No strategy

A shock where a person has no strategy is one where an incident happens but people have no idea what to do to resolve the situation. They are lost in the wilderness and rerun the event again and again, trying to find a way out of it. An example might be being wrongly accused of adultery by a close friend, who refuses to listen to reason. On the other hand, being fired for a fictional misdemeanor by a vindictive boss is unexpected, dramatic, and isolating, but the employment laws provide a strategy to resolve this type of situation.

And here’s the reason why you need to clear these four things first.

If the shock that comes from these four things starts a disease then when you clear this, the body can heal itself naturally. Until now it has been extremely challenging to find this shock. If you know EFT, NLP, Reiki or some other amazing energetic discipline. You hunt for and hopefully clear this event but its clumsy, can take many sessions and there’s always doubt as to whether you got the event or something related to it. And you were never really sure whether the problem would disappear – and it often would.

If you were to know where to easily find the specific shocks, those UDIN moments, that have been absorbed into your body, and you were equally able to clear them with ease. Then just suppose how you and your clients symptoms could be relieved energetically, often very quickly. Whilst working alongside a doctor (when appropriate). And also just suppose you knew the process Mother Nature used to create a disease. And likewise you could assist in reversing it. Then the accuracy of your work would increase massively. Growing your reputation and referrals, which is something my students frequently tell me is happening to them.

Want to find out more about how you can quickly find and clear these UDIN moments and learn how you to can heal yourself? Click or Tap here to watch the FREE Video Course or Book a FREE Session with Richard to discover more about how to heal chronic illnesses naturally.

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