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Discover Why Clearing The Shocks That Cause Chronic Issues Is The First Thing You Must Do

The 5 Steps To Coaching You Or Your Clients Back To Wellness - Naturally

"I came across these 5 steps as I was writing my third book, ‘How can I heal?’ and to be absolutely frank and honest with you, they completely caught me by surprise. The book is still not finished, so you are getting an exclusive preview into what I discovered."

You will find that each step is totally obvious, especially if you have been in the energetic field for some time. None of the steps are rocket science either. Quite the contrary. And I am sure you will see their simplicity as much I do.

During my research into the 5 steps I realized that the very first step, "Redress your stress" was the most vital. In fact all the other 5 steps don't work effectively, unless you deal with the underlying shocks that are causing you or your clients issues first. 

  1. There is a natural flow to the 5 Steps: when you read them, you will realize how structured they are. Also that they have an obvious flow to them. Giving you a simple system to follow to get you or your clients back to wellness, naturally.
  2. The 5 steps are so obvious you will know each one already: but you will never have seen all of them laid out in this way before. Meaning you and your clients will immediately feel familiar with the process.
  3.  The 5 Steps elegantly combine every energetic and environment change required for you or your client to heal: there's no one size fits all in healing and the 5 steps is no exception to that either. You can tailor each step to fit where you or your client is most familiar. Meaning the 5 steps can be tailor-made to you or your clients healing journey.

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