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ACE  Masters

Available Online

Become an ACE Master and join a Masterful group of Professionals that are taking Energetic Healing to the next level.
Prerequisite: ACE Course Level 3 or ace~flow

Master all the levels of ACE and fully understand and incorporate ACE Materials at a deep level. As an ACE Master, you will be joining a group of people who are already at the forefront of the alternative field of Energetics. This course is composed of every element of the ACE teachings. Command greater respect from your peers and become 100% focused on a career in Energetic Healing.

By the end of this course you will…

✓ Have a comprehensive understanding of some of the more difficult diseases and pains and how to work with those clients

​✓ Understand the major difference between how the traditional and alternative world look at health issues.

✓ Have an incredible understanding of the human body Energetically and its capacity to recover from incredible health issues naturally.

✓ Gain amazing insights into other specialties that will enhance any work you do with clients facing those issues.
 Work gleamed form the Academy of Comprehensive and Integrative Medicine.

✓ Discover new ways of working with people so you’re conscious of what is accessible out there to connect to.
 Including diverse areas such as Stem Cell research and Brain Mapping.

✓ Be able to bridge the gap of concerns which you face as an alternative practitioner and develop new strategies to work within the “system”.

✓ Increase your Visibility within the field of ACE and in your own specialty with many opportunities available to share what you do.

✓ Acquire new skills that allow you to do your work more effectively.

✓ Establish yourself as an elite expert in one of the most Advanced Energetic fields available.

Topics covered in the ACE Masters course include:

•Explore each organ and the embryonic layer related to it. Discover common diseases associated to it, why its there and how it fits into the 6 stages of disease.

•Learn more about Basic Embryology and how it relates to each organ as we have evolved and grown into humans.

•Delve into the workings of the organ and how each embryonic layer is resonating and reflected with the outside world, the basis behind disease and wellness.

•Discover specific elements of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) that are relevant to ACE and use this in your own practice to gain greater results. e.g. learning to influence and present effectively (ideal for getting and retaining clients)

•Understand then utilize the theory on how to trigger the 6 stages of disease.

•Discover the Science of Global Scaling and how it relates to the organs. (Until recent, relatively unknown in the Western world, developed by Russians and an incredible area of science)

•Explore the heart and discover heart variability, ideal for understanding where the client is energetically.

•Open your mind to the second brain, the gut system and water how and why it flows in the body and explore the inner workings of this incredible part of your system.

•Learn how to present new developments of material for future ACE Practitioners

•Expand your knowledge and expertise in many other different areas other then your own specialty. 

Separate lectures by Medicine Doctors trained in ACE and other ACE Practitioners and from varying professional fields will be offered.

•Open your mind by gaining the basic information to the Human Design System, an energetic profiling system that will give you an insight into your personal and working world.

•Learn the advanced work on how to clear attachments and other undesirable energies to your client.

•Find out more about the NES System and explain how to incorporate it into your practice if you wish.

•Explore other energetic systems, such as MicroPulse devices, near infrared and Audio visual entrainment.

•Discover how pharmaceutical drugs work, plus the “How’s and Why’s” of doctor prescriptions.

•The use of Kinesiology and how to use it with ACE to an amazing effect.

•Find out how CT Scan Reading is done and take a look at several CT scans yourself. This is very useful in deepening your knowledge of how trapped energy is lodged in the brain.

•Develop an understanding of nutrition, vitamins, minerals and how they work alongside ACE.

•The science behind the Mihealth and NES

•How to work with Terminally ill clients. This action will cover in depth, the various stages of the dying process and how loved ones behave and deal with area.

•How to deal with grief and someone leaving or passing away.

•Working with psychologically challenged clients. What to do and not do.

•Working with the medical profession and within the law.

•Connecting with the Highest Self and a spiritual understanding behind the process of ACE.

•Learn how physical pain occurs and the anatomy of muscular skeletal body

•How to carry out medical coaching working alongside insurance companies.

Materials included in this course:
•Video Recordings of Modules
•Reference Materials

What to expect during this course
The course will be run with the practical side carried out over two weekends - then there will be weekly Mentoring sessions to attained to and also where you may be asked to deliver an area of your own speciality. This is optional.  The course will be run over the course of 1 year.

There are several modules to review. You can jump in and out of specific modules of the course when you desire. Each module will have a quiz that the Master Trainee must complete in order to complete each segment of the course Completion of each module and quiz is required for certification on the course.

The course will be coordinated by Richard Flook and trained alongside other professionals all specializing in specific fields. Throughout the course you may be invited to contribute to the course material or classes especially if you have a specialty that may be beneficial for your peers, or if it enhances what is being taught in the curriculum and further develops ACE. There is special opportunity for these special segments to be offered through our Association Partnership Program and delivered within the ACE Network as a stand-alone course to enhance the learning of other ACE Practitioners at other levels.

Practitioners will be able to share their knowledge beyond the borders of the Master’s course and get paid for sharing their expertise through shared product sales on the ACE Store.

Throughout the course you will be asked to watch or read and the comment on specific material relevant to ACE and other Areas of the medical field.

Certification Requirements
•All Modules contained in the Segments of the ACE Master Course must be viewed and the corresponding quiz completed with passing mark.

•Trainees are expected to contribute to part of the program by sharing an area of their expertise.

•Trainees will also be expected share their expertise by responding to questions from ACE Level 1-3 trainees in Groups and ACE online forums whenever possible.

•Masters will be asked to present on a specific disease topic to the ACE Mentoring sessions during one of the weekly group calls. A format has been established that makes planning for this 60 min presentation easier.

•All Masters will do a final interview with Richard