Transform Your Healing Practice: Become an Advanced Clearing Energetics® Practitioner

Empower yourself to become an ACE Practitioner, equipping you to guide both yourself and your clients towards optimal health and lasting wellness.

What's included in the NEW ACE Level 1 - The Spirit (Live sessions combined with online learning.)

Live Practice Sessions with Richard Flook: Engage in live practice sessions with Richard Flook online. Learn and apply Advanced Clearing Energetics® (ACE) in special 4-hour segments geared to your time zones, freeing you from long, drawn-out sessions and saving on travel and hotel expenses. (Students often remark, "Learning this way with the originator is better than I ever expected.")

Immersive Learning Experience: Learn the language of ACE and witness fellow practitioners' transformations as you apply each unique technique. These methods have been tried, tested, and proven effective for even the most challenging health issues.

Comprehensive Theory: Access online theory sessions before, during, and after each practice. Gain insights from over 30 years of expertise in ACE, advancing your own practice and setting you light years ahead in your field. (You will learn to significantly impact healing changes in yourself and your clients.)

Client Rapport and Safety: Master building rapport with clients, whether face-to-face or over thousands of miles via Zoom. Learn to make them feel ‘safe’ and ‘protected’ as they uncover and share challenges they've never spoken of before. (This strategy is a unique secret not found in any NLP course.)

Revealing Healing Mechanisms: Discover the surprising mechanisms that sustains illness and blocks healing. Use this knowledge as a roadmap to help your clients uncover and heal themselves. (This section alone is worth the entire course, being so advanced it's never been taught to practitioners before.)

ACE Strategy for Trauma: Learn to use ACE to uncover traumatic shocks and trace them back to their root cause in the body. Guide clients effortlessly through healing themselves energetically. (Integrate this knowledge with modalities such as BLAST®, NLP, or EFT for enhanced results.)

Switch Off Traumatic Shocks: Discover how to ‘unplug’ an organ from a traumatic shock, which will accelerate healing. Understand why and how trauma is an illusion, creating dis-ease and how we are truly designed to heal. (This insight will forever change your approach to healing.)

Preventing Issue Recurrence: ACE is designed to ensure clients do not repeat their issues, unlike many other energetic solutions. It integrates seamlessly with other modalities, enhancing their effectiveness. (ACE represents a 'Paradigm Shift' in thinking about dis-ease and healing.)

Understanding Disease Creation: Explore the process trauma undergoes to create disease, examining what's happening inside the body energetically, emotionally, and behaviourally. (All backed by scientific proof.)

Healing Maps Access: Gain access to written and pictorial healing maps that uncover the energetic links between diseased organs and specific emotional traumas. (Knowing where to look and what to work on is fundamental to effective healing.)

Session Legalities: Learn what to say at the start of each client session to stay within legal boundaries. Understand how ACE differs from therapy, advising, or coaching; instead ACE guides clients to heal themselves. (This knowledge will empower your clients' healing process.)

1. Get prepare for the Live training with special pre-recorded videos ~ This will explain and guide you through what you are going to be doing on the training. (You will received login instructions - once you enrol - please check your email.)

2. EXCLUSIVE ~ You get an Book your first ACE Level 1 Practitioner meeting with Richard (60 - 90mins). If you can't find a time - probably because I am travelling, do email me or contact me on WhatsApp HERE

3. See you live in July and August 2024 (Dates to be announced) 4 hour segments throughout the weekends  **IMPORTANT** A Zoom link will be sent to you in an email before your NEW ACE Spirit Training weekends.

4. Important Information such as  'Your NEW ACE Spirit Training Workbook' will be sent to you prior to you attending the course, this outlines the ACE clearing process you will be using with your clients. There will be other forms to complete for certification.

5. Attend all sessions over the two weekends. Total 16 hours.

6. Book follow up sessions with Richard. An email with more information will be sent after the weekend.

7. Join the Private Facebook group to ask further questions. Info to follow after the weekend.

Get started now ~ understand what triggers a disease!

Watch the videos listed below and download the material and read the article 

Having enrolled you will have received instructions to access a video course called the 'You Can Heal' Retreat. However, for you to get the most from your NEW ACE Spirit Training weekend all you need to do is watch the videos listed below: These will bring you up to date on the latest NEW ACE Spirit Training processes and the research that backs it up.

Before your weekend watch, download and read the material listed: Click on links below 

04 The ACE Process 35 mins
Part A The Six stages of a Disease 17 mins
Part B The Six stages of a disease 25 mins

NOTE: Your email has been automatically added  to the NEW ACE Spirit course. 

Why does it work?

Richard will get you to...


FIND the root cause driving a disease, pain or issue

02 clear

CLEAR the trapped energy behind that root cause


Assist your clients to HEAL by stopping their endless disease cycle

Get started now!

“I will show you how to get to the root cause of disease and clear it, so your clients heal"

These Amazing Benefits Awaiting You at the 'NEW ACE Spirit Training' Level 1 Practitioner

  • Tailored to your needs: Before the course you will have a one to one discussion with Richard so you can ask questions and experience some of the processes before you attend the weekend, this is so Richard can personally tailor the training to your needs - ensuring your success as an ACE practitioner.
  • Backed by Research: With 30 years of working with clients the world over and recently with four years of research writing the new book 'How Can I Heal?, during the weekend Richard Flook will be guiding you through how to work with clients as an ACE practitioner. The weekend is about you learning the NEW ACE Spirit processes.
  • Be guided in how to heal energetically: During the weekend you will be guided through tried, tested and proven processes that will allow you to release traumas that are triggering symptoms, such as pain or disease and get you the healing results that you want for you and your clients.
  • Watch Demonstrations: See the unique ACE energetic processes in action, before you guide someone else through the ACE process.
  • Experience the processes yourself: The main part of the weekend is you going through the clearing processes. You will be expertly guided through them and then you will get to test, has the energy fully released that was triggering your own personal issues.
  • Ask questions: You will be able to ask questions of Richard about ACE, and get feedback so you feel confident you are doing things correctly. This will ensure you and your clients wellness journey will complete successfully.
  • Gain Profound Knowledge: Learn about the 5 Steps to Energetic Healing, releasing hidden traumas, releasing toxicity, and mastering the art of reducing inflammation.
  • Discover Healing Secrets: Explore the intricate blueprint of disease, unravelling the quantum secrets of the body for trans-formative healing.
  • Become Empowered: Learn the importance of abundant and joyful wellness by addressing underlying issues, releasing toxic relationships, and resolving internal conflicts linked to diseases.
  • Learn Innovative Approach: Discover a brand-new healing process, developed over four years, to find the pivotal traumatic events that trigger illness and transform lives.
  • Obtain Inflammation Insights: Unlock the true purpose of inflammation and be guided to significantly reduce it.
  • Address Your Base Fears: Swiftly release those deeply embedded primal fears and angers that are hindering your overall healing.
  • Work With Energy Dynamics: Uncover the Octons, harnessing the power of this unique approach to releasing energetic traumas effortlessly that trigger disease.
  • Reach Ultimate Wellness: Cultivate abundant and joyful wellness by adding a new ‘positive’ event into where the old issues were. This new event will drive your body to maintain it’s ongoing health.

Some more Information About Your ACE Level 1 Practitioner Training

Have access to outstanding information about healing your mind and body?

Access unparalleled knowledge to heal your mind and body. This cutting-edge information, known to only a select few globally, offers verifiable insights that significantly aid in healing and resolves seemingly insurmountable health issues.

Join in an immersive journey guided by Richard who has over 30 years of experience in energetic healing.

During your weekend, Richard will unveil the captivating secrets behind the efficacy of energetic healing. This incredible information, supported by scientific and medical research plus visible and experiential evidence, solidifies what top energy practitioners have long understood: energetic healing stands as the essential foundation for all healing.

REMEMBER to book your personal meeting now...

Enrolling in the The NEW ACE Spirit weekend grants you an unparalleled, exclusive opportunity: to one-to-one personal meetings with Richard. These personalised sessions are all about you becoming the best ACE Practitioner for your clients. So you can assist them to heal.

Richard will use this time to listen to what you want to achieve and tailor your upcoming weekend and following training to ensure it perfectly aligns with your wishes. After the weekend he wants to ensure you have got what you wanted from the exercises.

Remember following the weekend you will have access to follow up on what you learnt  with Richard