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ACE Course

Online Course

Includes online comprehensive study and mentoring calls

( access to all previous mentoring calls going back as far as 2013)

"Discover more about the ACCELERATED Advanced Clearing Energetics Online Course"

Comprehensive online study and weekly mentoring

Why do the ACCELERATED Advanced Clearing Energetics course?

Imagine how your health and your clients healing will benefit as you start to apply techniques that will accelerate healing dramatically.

Just suppose you could seriously affect the healing of you and your clients from chronic health issues, serious pain and debilitating psychological issues, using principles gleamed from Meta-Health (previously Meta-Medicine), 27 years of ongoing research into energetic techniques (including advanced NLP strategies, Hypnotherapy, EFT and many, many more energetic disciplines...) and the latest up to date knowledge and practice absorbed from the Academy of Comprehensive and Integrative Medicine (ACIM). Dr Joe Mercola, Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, Dr Norm Shealy, Dr Zac Bush to name but a few Drs involved in the Academy and who Richard actively communicates with.

And just suppose you could get the practical side of the incredible Advanced Clearing Energetics course in ONLY 3 days! What would that be worth to you? What could you do immediately with your new practical skills? How many clients would you be able to affect and seriously assist in their healing? How massively could you apply Advanced Clearing Energetics to your own healing during the 3 day course and during the ongoing weekly mentoring sessions?


Advanced Clearing Energetics integrates with your present strategies to healing. It adds to what you already know, all your previous learnings still count and will become updated massively with this training. Advanced Clearing Energetics can be applied as a stand alone set of techniques or integrated into your own personal style of practice.

What is included in your Accelerated Advanced Clearing Energetics Course?

3 days of practice LIVE with Richard Flook (Online - so you can apply and learn Advanced Clearing Energetics wherever you are in the world.) Save massively on travel and hotel expenses, and wasted time away from your family and clients. (Students repeatedly say 'Learning this way is way better than I ever expected').

3 fun packed and exciting days to get to grips with, learn the language of, and see your fellow practitioners change right in front of your eyes. As you apply each special unique piece of Advanced Clearing Energetics. (Techniques that are tried tested and proven to work with even the most challenging of issues).

Go online before during and after the 3 days to get the theory behind Advanced Clearing Energetics. Theory that has taken over 25 years to master and piece together. Information that will astound you and advance your own practice. (So you become light years ahead of others in your field, and able to seriously affect healing change in yourself and your clients).

Learn how to use Advanced Clearing Energetics as the only strategy that you’ll ever want to use to uncover traumatic shocks, and trace them back to their root will love how simple this is, where your client does all the work and you can just guide them effortlessly through them healing themselves energetically. (And apply this knowledge to healing your clients whilst integrating Advanced Clearing Energetics with your present healing disciplines).

How to switch off and unplug an organ from a traumatic Shock, by using 4 types of special intelligence, your Spirit, Past, Soul or Mother Earth. This accelerates you or your clients healing massively. (You will discover how this all all comes together explaining why Mother Nature and Spirit created dis-ease and how and why we are truly designed to heal. Understanding this piece will change your approach to healing forever).

Built into Advanced Clearing Energetics is a way so you or your client do not repeat their issue again. - 99% of all other energetic solutions out there don’t do this, however Advanced Clearing Energetics fuses perfectly with them, making those solutions even more powerful. You don't have to relearn what you already know. (Advanced Clearing Energetics is a 'Paradigm Shift' in your thinking about dis-ease and how you can apply it to healing).

Access outstanding information about working with the body gleaned from decades of examining, training and distillation of this unique material. This incredible material has taken 25 years to finally distill it into something you can use quickly and easily. (Advanced Clearing Energetics really does allow you to assist your client effortlessly to get to their clients core issues at lightning speed - There is nothing else out there that works like this).

Bypass the common mistakes that practically everyone makes, mistakes that could cost you or your client healing time, which could equate to money, or lost opportunities in life, but more significantly, ongoing pain! (Saving your client thousands because they get back to wellness faster and because the other things they are doing, such as medical interventions, natural therapies, supplements or dietary changes will no longer be hindered by the body repeatedly tripping over itself due to the trauma re-triggering your clients disease).

The 6 stages of a disease are comprehensively covered, explaining how and why organs produce disease, and ultimately heal. Especially those chronic problems that even flummox doctors, such as eczema, irritable bowel syndrome, acne and chronic back ache. (Plus those pesky allergies and auto immune diseases are laid bare as well. You will learn how these annoying issues really work and how to unravel a dis-ease that is repeating itself - as in a chronic disease).

Apply Advanced Clearing Energetics in the classroom with the creator and developer guiding you through the process, so you get the same results he does. Advanced Clearing Energetics does not require you as a practitioner to be ‘Super’ clever, the secret lies in you following your clients lead and guiding them to their own healing. (That's the really SMART piece)!

Discover the precise intricate details of how, and why we create psychological messes, such as bipolar disorder, depression, anorexia, anxiety, addiction and loads more. And then learn how to speedily assist a client in turning their sad messes around. (This process is so dynamic yet so simple you will wonder why no-one else is doing it, because the results are astounding).

You’ll learn the specific points in the brain that you need to assist your client to clear such traumas that cause their brain to become unbalanced. This system is so advanced, yet so quick and so simple to do it will astound you how much fun it can be and how straight forward it can be to help people heal themselves quickly. (This process alone is worth the whole price of the course because you can truly lift the scrooge of the 21st century - Neurological issues are some of the fastest growing problems that we are facing as we enter the 2020s).

Discover how you can continue to help your client be free of many psychological scourges that are hindering their life. Find out how to simply lift their black mist, whilst you as their coach, work with them, alongside their doctor or licensed practitioner, to ensure that the process is uncomplicated, straightforward and most importantly gentle. (Even such issues as Autism can be assisted through using extremely advanced techniques - these are practiced and discussed during the course).

...and much, much more.

Have QUESTION - need an answers now - either send Richard a chat message or book some time with Richard personally here to discover about your Accelerated Advanced Clearing Energetics Course.

What students are saying about the Accelerated Advanced Clearing Energetics Course


"I would not be the practitioner I am today without Richard's input and Advanced Clearing Energetics"

Karin Davidson EFT Trainer & EFT Author -


"One of the reason why I am where I am is because of Richard and his work with ACE"

Shiri Ben ArziHead of The Medical Coaching Institute -