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Ace Flow Australia 

Online Advanced Clearing Energetics Course - 7 days of ACE Training

SPECIAL NES and ACE one to one session with Richard

Access to NES and ACE training videos from March 2019

And weekly Mentoring calls

SPECIAL $1497AUD or better using coupon HEW

Discover more about the ACCELERATED Advanced Clearing Energetics Online or In person

The whole ace~flow online training, weekly mentoring, the NES Health special 2 day training with Richard Flook and SPECIAL one to one session LIMITED To 10 people

Learn how to use Advanced Clearing Energetics as the only strategy that you’ll ever need to uncover the traumatic shocks, and trace them back to their root cause.

How to switch off and unplug an Organ from a traumatic Shock, by using 3 types of special intelligence, your Spirit, Soul or Mother Earth. This accelerates you or your clients healing massively. 

Built into Advanced Clearing Energetics is a way so you or your client do not repeat their issue again. - 99% of all other energetic solutions out there don’t do this, however Advanced Clearing Energetics fuses perfectly with them, making those solutions even more powerful.

Access outstanding information about working with the body gleaned from decades of examining, training and distillation of this unique material. This incredible material has taken 25 years to finally distill it into something you can use quickly and easily. Getting you to you or your clients core issues at lightning speed.

Bypass the common mistakes that practically everyone makes, mistakes that could cost you or your client healing time, which could equate to money, or lost opportunities in life, but more significantly, ongoing pain!

The 6 stages of a disease are comprehensively covered, explaining how and why organs produce disease, and ultimately heal. Especially those chronic problems that even flummox doctors, such as eczema, irritable bowel syndrome, acne and chronic back ache.

Plus those pesky allergies and auto immune diseases are laid bare as well.

Apply Advanced Clearing Energetics in the classroom with the creator and developer guiding you through the process, so you get the same results as he does. Advanced Clearing Energetics does not require you as a practitioner to be ‘Super’ clever, the secret lies in you following your clients lead and guiding them to their own healing. Thats the SMART piece!

Discover the precise intricate details of how, and why we create psychological messes, such as bipolar disorder, depression, anorexia, anxiety, addiction and loads more. And then learn how to speedily assist a client in turning their sad messes around. This process is so dynamic yet so simple you will wonder why no-one else is doing it, because the results are astounding.

You’ll learn the specific points in the brain that you need to assist your client to clear such traumas that cause their brain to become unbalanced. This system is so advanced, et so quick and so simple to do it will astound you how much fun it can be and how straight forward it can be to help people heal themselves quickly.

Discover how you can help your client can be free of the psychological scourge that is hindering their life, Find out how to simply lift their black mist, whilst you as their coach, work with them, alongside their doctor or licensed practitioner, to ensure that the process is uncomplicated, straightforward and most importantly gentle.

...and much much more

Book time with Richard here to discover about your Accelerated Advanced Clearing Energetics Course.

10 seats only at this unique price $1497.00 Australian or better. Use Coupon Code HEW