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Since the death of his mother from breast cancer when he was 12, and a herniated disc that rendered him unable to walk at age 37, Richard Flook has been asking the questions. ‘Why am I sick?’ and ‘How can I heal?’ His ongoing journey lead him to find there was a direct link between certain health problems and specific stressful events. He later discovered exactly how the body absorbs those traumatic situations. Curious to find out what would happen if he reversed that process, he experimented and found that the body would heal itself, completely naturally and often at lightning speed. He named the process Advanced Clearing Energetics or ACE for short, and lectures worldwide and trains ACE online to practitioners.

Light Therapy A Weekend Of Theragem

By Richard Flook | Healing naturally

Shien on you crazy diamond - a weekend of Light therapy with the Theragem

Have you ever thought, this energetic stuff is just woo woo la la? Me too but…

Recently I was invited to Dayton beech in Florida to attend a Theragem training. Theragem is a light therapy device that shines its light through gemstones. 

Why There Is One Thing That You Must Do First Before You Start Doing Anything Else When Healing Yourself Naturally

By Richard Flook | Healing naturally

For over 40 years I have been passionate about finding out why we get sick and how you can heal – naturally. It seems though that everyone is an authority on healing. Your partner, your next door neighbour, your best friend?

They have all tried one remedy and it worked, so its going to work for you – right?  They saw this amazing doctor, or got their bones clicked through a brilliant chiropractor, or they saw this fantastic naturopath, acupuncturist, EFT practitioners, NLPer, Health Coach, and each one said take this, follow my plan or do that, that should help. Or you may have bought one of those of faddy sales pitch $97 solution – off the internet.

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Do You Make These Mistakes When Dealing With Your Client’s Chronic Issues?

By Richard Flook | Healing naturally

Gosh! Did you do this? When you look back to when you first discovered energetic healing, did you think that you had hit the Holy Grail? If you are a wellness coach when you discovered, EFT, Reiki, NLP, Hypnosis or another incredible energetic discipline you are trained in, did your jaw drop at the results you could get?

In 1991 I came across NLP, and probably like you, helping people heal themselves, naturally, that worked right out of the box, was the promise. There was nothing more to know.  It was a done deal!

But ever since then, that deal has never lived up to its full promise. There was always something missing. The tools were clunky. They took a long time to get to the core of a client’s problem. And you would leave your session, doubting yourself, thinking. “Did I get to the core of the problem? Will their symptoms reappear? Did I deliver on my promise to my client, to truly assist them to get well?”

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The Secret Steps To Getting To The Core Of A Chronic Illness Quickly

By Richard Flook | Healing naturally

The problem that many energetic coach have is the perception of their clients. Although the approach you use is fantastic, it is perceived by your client as slow, often taking days for your client to experience any change in their symptoms. To make matters worse your client is in pain and wants instant results, that’s why they resort to traditional medical treatments before they even think about seeing energetic coach.

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