How can I heaL?

How to Find out what's REALLY wrong using Advanced Clearing Energetics

  • Do you wonder why you are sick or have a chronic health condition?
  • What causes a disease, illness and other health problems?
  • How do physical, biological, psychological, emotional, social and environmental elements of your life affect your health?
  • What health challenges do you face that have no reasonable explanation?
  • What is the root cause of your ailment or chronic condition and how can your resolve it once and for all?
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    About The Author

    Richard Flook is a pioneer for people’s health and the creator of Advanced Clearing Energetics.

    Richard Flook is a highly skilled practitioner of multiple energetic discipline. In his book “Why Am I Sick?” Richard explains how disease really works, revealing how the body reacts to different types of stressful experiences that in turn cause specific diseases to occur. He tackles the question of why cancer develops, how ironic diseases are caused, how allergies starts, why our beliefs about bacteria and viruses are flawed and how the present day treating of diseases needs a desperate upgrade. His book will challenge your present belief about disease, and at the same time empower you to answer the question‘ Why am I sick?’

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