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Have you ever pondered the origins of illness and wondered how you can truly heal? Why does conventional medicine fall short for so many? What went awry, and how can you reclaim your well-being? Perhaps you've explored alternative approaches to healing, but found them inconsistent in their results.

Through the pages of 'How Can I Heal?’, you will follow the journey of Marci, as she confronts and transcends these traumas, releases toxins, and addresses inflammation. Learn how she nourishes her body, allowing it to naturally heal, and set her sights on a life of fulfilment and ongoing wellness.

Your journey to lasting well-being starts here.

How to Find out what's REALLY wrong using Advanced Clearing Energetics

  • Do you wonder why you are sick or have a chronic health condition?
    What causes a disease, illness and other health problems?

    How do physical, biological, psychological, emotional, social and environmental elements of your life affect your health?
    What health challenges do you face that have no reasonable explanation?
    What is the root cause of your ailment or chronic condition and how can your resolve it once and for all?
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English, Romania, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian

About The Author

Richard Flook

“Richard Flook stands at the forefront of revolutionising health and well-being, a true trailblazer in the realm of energetic healing and the visionary behind Advanced Clearing Energetics.”

Richard Flook stands as a true master of diverse energetic disciplines, showcasing his remarkable expertise. Unveiling the profound truths within his books ‘How can I heal?’ and ‘Why Am I Sick?’, Richard delves into the intricate workings of illness, exposing the body's intricate responses to various strains of stress, which in turn give rise to specific diseases. With simple explanations and the science to back it up, he unravels what causes cancer's, explains the origins of mental issues and how to solve them, traces where allergies come from, dismantles misconceptions about bacteria and viruses, and passionately argues for a long-overdue revolution in how we heal disease. Prepare to have your beliefs shaken and your understanding of illness revolutionised; his books are not only a challenge to your current notions, but a catalyst empowering you to confidently address the fundamental questions: 'Why am I sick?' and ‘How can I heal?’

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