ACE Masters

The Organs as they relate to the brain –

Introduction to the Course (2 videos)

The Brain Stem Organs (6 videos)

The Cerebellum Organs (5 videos)

The Middle Brain Organs (5 videos)

The Cortex organs (7 videos)

Values Levels and Journey on the Spirals – 3 videos

Personality Profiling for health – 4 videos

Particles Physics and Health – 5 videos

Kidney Collecting Tubules Syndrome – 6 videos (Please note this has been updated by the new LIMBIC brain piece and the Freeze response in 2019

Hands on Healing – 3 videos

Diabetes with LJ Hunyady and Dr Diana – 2 videos

Brain CT reading – 7 videos

The Akashic records with Richard and Janice Thompson – 7 videos

ACE your Future – 7 videos

The ACE processes reviewed – 7 videos

Medical Coaching with Shiri Ben Arzi of the Medical Coaching Institute. (5 Videos)

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