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ace~flow spirit

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About this course

Welcome to ace~flow Spirit. This is the first of 3 unique courses that will teach you how to do Advanced Clearing Energetics with other people. It also includes the brand new ace~flow technique. Enjoy the training and comment or message me if you have any questions about any part of the course.

Course Structure

01 - ace-flow Spirit - day 1

Start of program, the main theory behind ace~flow spirit. Here I explain water and its importants in ace~flow and healing. This lesson includes a pinnacle video from Luc Montagnier and water Memory. Watch the supporting Documentary on YouTube

DOWNLOAD your ace~flow SPIRIT Manual HERE

NOTE: This manual has extra sections that are not covered on the online course but will be covered in the LIVE 3 day training.

02 - ace-flow spirit - day 1

More theory about water behind ace~flow spirit. Next I explore the heart.

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03 - ace-flow spirit - day 1

In this lesson I exploring the UDIN moment and what happens to the body as a UDIN happens

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04 - ace-flow spirit - day 1

In this lesson I look at the gut system, (Enteric nervous system) followed by looking at the environment with Bruce Lipton and then we explore Epigenetics. 

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05 - ace-flow spirit - day 1

The six stages of a disease are covered. This all relates to what happens after the UDIN moment. I go over the first 3 stages in this video.

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06 - ace-flow spirit - day 1

The 6 stages are explored even further. The focus is now on the 4th and 5th stage. Essentially healing followed by the SPIKE.

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07 - ace-flow spirit - day 1

Looking at beliefs and ace-flow

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08 - ace-flow spirit - day 1

What is covered in ace flow as we get started in the spirit section.

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09 - ace-flow spirit - day 1

Building rapport with a client.

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10 - ace-flow spirit - day 1

Breaking rapport with a client, a demostration with Diane.

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11 - ace-flow spirit - day 1

How to establish the clients problem.

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12 - ace-flow spirit - day 2

UDIN shock recap and a look at other therapies that can be combined.

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13 - ace-flow spirit - day 2

Richard shares information around ace oils.

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14 - ace-flow spirit - day 2

Richard shows how to establish the root cause of an issue and how to gain any learnings with ace-flow.

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15 - ace-flow spirit - day 2

Dealing with secondary gain and the energy with ace-flow.

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16 - ace-flow spirit - day 2

Secondary gain a demonstration.

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17 - ace-flow spirit - day 2

Looking at the higher self and the creation of entities.

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18 - ace-flow spirit - day 2

Higher Self Connection Demo

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19 - ace-flow spirit - day 2

Three tests with Robin.

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20 - ace-flow spirit - day 2

A look at stages 5 and 6 with a healing with Robin

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21 - ace-flow-spirit - day 2

Demononstration of the 16 steps.

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22 - ace-flow spirit - day 2

This is a bonus video for the spirit section.

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