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Richard gives a quick introduction to the ACE Masters Material and what is contained in this material.

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ACE and the Organs

This whole section was recorded live in front of ACE Masters. It covers the 4 main brain organ relationships and their energetic diseases. The 4 main areas comprise of the Brain Stem, Cerebellum, Middle Brian and the Cortex

Introduction 2 Lessons

Introduction 1

The video covers what you are about to experience in the ACE Masters course. Many of the subject were recorded LIVE in front a on online audience of ACE Practitioners in 2015. Some sessions were recorded later in 2019 covering NES Health and ACE. Whilst much of the material is still relevant some pieces have been superseded by the bran NEW How can I heal? material that Richard has been working on. the book of 'How can I heal?' will be available in mid 2020. Please contact Richard Flook through his diary for more details. As an ACE Master you will have access to this material.

Discovering Personality Traits

Working with Peoples Values (what motivates them)

CT Scan Reading

ACE your Future

The Akashic records

The Organs and their energetic links


Introduction 2

In this introductory session Richard explains the background to the Organs and where the organ material came from. He goes through the story of how Dr Geerd Hamer came across the link between disease and energetic issues and their brain, embryonic link. He also shows the Organ Mind Directory book called the Scientific Charts of German New Medicine.

Brain Stem organs 1 Lesson

Brian Stem organs video 1

In this video I explore the embryonic layers of each organs. I also talk about Hamer and the fact that he never cited his sources. 

We explore the Germ Layers - Embryology

The 6 stages and the relationship with Embryology

Then Richard explores the Brain Stem organs


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