Delta Scan

Thank you for signing up for a Delta Scan with Christa Krahnert - German Naturopath

So what happens next?

Jut a reminder - Why you are doing this scan is because this will get to the root cause of your issue. In Richard's opinion the scan cuts down a lot of unnecessary chasing around that  costs you time and money.

You must ensure that Richard or the ACE Master that asked you to get the scan, has all the details listed out below. Please email Richard at or your ACE Master, with these details if you  have not done so already: - (You probably added the information when you paid, if there was anything else missing please do send it.) 

Your Date of Birth, Time of Birth, Place of Birth

And your current address

And the major symptoms/issues you are experiencing.

Richard's email again

Christa Krahnert - German Naturopath

From there Christa Krahnert (See her Biography Here) will Scan your body using the DeltaScan Software. This software is based on the MetaTron software from Russia.  See video below. The MetaTron Software is extremely expensive, the Delta Scan is similar and equally as expensive, and it does the same thing. The Delta Scan reading has to be analyzed by a specialist. Christa is not only a specialist in this field but she is also a trainer for DelatScan.

The reading has over 6000 pages and the reader (Christa) has to take into consideration what needs to be focussed upon. The reading is in German. So what you are paying for is the scan and Christa's time to look through it and decipher what is required for you. It takes over an hour to do this.

This information is shared with Richard or another one of the ACE Masters. They will discuss anything that needs to be followed up with Christa - Christa is in Australia, in a completely different time zone from Richard, so please be patient.

From this, the information will be shared with you. It will not make a lot of sense until it is fully explained. And you will not get a formal printout as the skill comes from deciphering the information. This is usually about a page long. Sometimes less. (Also any readout will be in German).

Richard or your ACE Master, look forward speaking about your scan and getting to the bottom of your issue once and for all.

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