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Session Diary

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Richard Flook

Richard Flook, a renowned global educator and author, focuses on helping clients heal from traumatic events that trigger diseases and accidents, accelerating the healing process.

With thirty years of research in quantum physics and biology, Richard published "How Can I Heal?", featuring 1600+ scientific and medical citations. It explores how traumatic events alter cellular structure, and through inner cognitive release, individuals may reverse diseases and severe health issues.

Furthermore, Richard explores the impact of external detoxification, inflammation reduction, and environmental changes like dietary adjustments on healing. The combined approach of inner cognitive release and external modifications significantly aids healing and overall well-being.

Collaborating with mainstream, alternative, and complementary medical professionals, Richard has developed protocols that empower clients to effectively address seemingly insurmountable diagnoses and take charge of their healing.

Here's What Practitioners Of Richard Flook Have Been Able To Achieve 

"I just want to say that the people here are by no means the absolute norm. They did their due diligence, they followed through and they did what they needed to do to learn this material through and through. They were open to coaching and learning this cutting edge material and I make no guarantee that you will be able to do the same  ...but if you do the work and follow through with the material I am here to help you make that happen for you and your clients"
Richard Flook

International Medical Coach and Trainer

"One of the reason I am where I am in my life is because of Richard"

Shiri Ben Arzi took her rare chronic illness with its predicted low chance of survival, and turned everything completely around. She says that she would not be where she is now if it was not for Richard and his work.
 - April 6th 2015

Specialist in Relieving Chronic Pain 

"One of the best mentors I have ever had"

Jonathan Shaw started working with Richard many years ago and now he is an author, international speaker and developer of many amazing new energetic interventions. He focusses primarily on Pain Relief. Getting incredible results where many other have failed. Here he tells it as it is.
- March 23rd 2105


"I totally recommend Richard - Get on Board "

Shona Linton says her world has been opened up in so different ways allowing for many new ideas and possibilities since working with Richard. She says Richard has allowed her to see the bridge between conventional and energetic approaches can be achieved  
- May 15th 2015

Doctor Tradition Chinese Medicine

"Richard has such a wealth of knowledge and experience"

Aaran Church is a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine having learnt and practiced in mainland China. He has been practicing and learning Mind Body techniques for over 18 years. The results that the has been finding with clients he works with using ACE are really outstanding.
- April 6th 2015

Supreme EFT Practitioner and Trainer

"I would not be the professional I am today without Richard's input"
Karin is the co-author of the EFT certification course books and a successful EFT and Matrix professional and trainer. She is also a great friend of Richards and I mention her in the video as the person who assisted me with helping Kari overcome her depression. 
- April 6th 2015