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Do You Make These Mistakes When Dealing With Your Client’s Chronic Issues?


Gosh! Did you do this? When you look back to when you first discovered energetic healing, did you think that you had hit the Holy Grail? If you are a wellness coach when you discovered, EFT, Reiki, NLP, Hypnosis or another incredible energetic discipline you are trained in, did your jaw drop at the results you could get?

In 1991 I came across NLP, and probably like you, helping people heal themselves, naturally, that worked right out of the box, was the promise. There was nothing more to know.  It was a done deal!

But ever since then, that deal has never lived up to its full promise. There was always something missing. The tools were clunky. They took a long time to get to the core of a client’s problem. And you would leave your session, doubting yourself, thinking. “Did I get to the core of the problem? Will their symptoms reappear? Did I deliver on my promise to my client, to truly assist them to get well?”

Since those heady days, over 25 years ago, those questions, along with why do we get sick, and how can you heal yourself naturally, have been a massive driver to find solutions. To find how can you quickly get to the core of a problem and clear it for good. And through that trial and error, what I stumbled upon, was a strategy to solving those questions, that has enabled thousands of people, just like you or your clients, to heal their chronic issues and release their pain – all naturally. Often in 2 to 3 sessions. And ironically, all whilst working alongside their Doctor!

As Wellness Coaches you probably question symptoms, just like a doctor. As if they are something that needs to be removed, manipulated or beaten out of your body. As a coach you have probably been taught to chase your clients pain over numerous sessions, instead of being able to get to the core of their issue the very first time you meet them. And it is astonishing how many of wellness coaches are conditioned to think like a doctor, believing that you or your clients body has blundered in creating an illness, and consequently your way of dealing with this, is designed to correct the body’s seemingly irrational mistake.

Why Most Wellness Coaches Make Mistakes

What is the reason that so many coaches stumble when it comes to finding the root cause of your clients health issues? You know it’s there but you can’t quite put your finger on it, can you? And you just end up putting an energetic band aid on the problem, hoping for the best, but not really knowing if you hit the nail on the head? Why do so many of find yourself at a loss when dealing with a client in chronic pain, knowing it can vanish, but it just won’t dissipate even after several attempts?

The reason why, can be answered for you here. You see, most Wellness Coaches do not get the results your clients yearn for, because you were never taught why or how the body creates a disease in the first place.

Discovering The Reason for Depression

The secret, Mother Nature creates a disease with a calculated rationale. There is NO mistake! Diseases just don’t appear out of nowhere. There is a reason for it being there, but what is that reason? Where does the disease come from? And how the hell do you find that out? In essence these fundamental questions are what science, and many therapeutic practices, medical and energetic have been searching for.

Except they have been looking in the wrong place…

Instead of thinking mother nature has made a mistake in creating an illness, pain or even a cancer, she has created these problems purposely?

Take depression as an example. Depression, which affects millions worldwide, causes a depressed person to earn 35% less than a non-depressed person, year in, year out. But depression hurts so much more than money, a depressed person is 5 times more likely to use illegal drugs, and is 20 times more likely to take their own life. Putting unprecedented stress on the whole family.

Yet the medical professions way of dealing with depression is to medicate it, to put a band aid over the symptoms rather than find and release the real cause. And many Wellness Coaches do the same, by addressing the symptoms with naturally based solutions, rather than again, getting to the real cause as to why the person got into their horrific mess in the first place. Which is to allow the person the time to find a solution to their problem. By literally putting their life on pause.

In that point lies the real difference between healing your or your clients naturally and the traditional approaches to wellness. Here is an illustration. Some years ago I was invited to Atlanta by Karin Davidson of www.howtotap.com to film this amazing strategy with everyday people.

One client was Kari Reed. She was afflicted with clinical depression and borderline personality disorder, and she was on a cocktail of medication. She was advised that she would never get off of her meds, come what may, for the rest of her life. Her personal relationships were in a tangle, her education a mess, she was studying graphic design, but in her heart she craved to be an artist, and she had tried to take her life several times. When working with Kari we uncovered the true root cause of her depression. And on a follow up session a few years later, see below, we unraveled her Borderline Personality Disorder.

Watch this 15 minute video as Richard Flook helps Kari clear her mental issue, for good

Working alongside Karin Davidson (www.howtotap.com), probably one of the supreme EFT practitioners in the world, we helped change Kari’s world completely around. Now, several years later, Kari is joyfully married, she’s a professor of Art, and more significantly she is off all her medication. Her psychotherapist has discharged her, telling her she never has to return.

The basic principle of this strategy is simple. Anyone can learn to follow the steps correctly to assist yourself or your client to heal naturally. It’s so simple that even my seven year old son can follow it. But how do you know where to look for the root cause of an illness, pain or psychological issue? this was solved with this strategy, in a simple and unique way.

100% Self-Correcting Strategy

Suppose you have pain in your arm. And you think that your pain is there because you have sprained or damaged your muscles in some way. Saying to yourself “Well I have obviously done something wrong, and now I need to fix this problem.” Instead, with this work, in a short time you will be able to uncover the real reason why you have the issue, release the root of it and assist yourself to heal, all naturally, as mother nature intended. (And working alongside your doctor, when appropriate).

Only in 2 or 3 sessions

Nor is there very much to learn, the strategy can be learned in a few hours. By combining 25 years of studying and many thousands of hours of research into energetic healing, from around the globe, and integrating those astonishing processes into one unified field. For instance, the strategy has been broken down into 16 easy steps that are straightforward to follow. Steps that allow you or your client to heal themselves.

This is all covered in Level 1 of this unique material. Similarly what else is covered is that there a no more than 5 special areas in the body that you need to address to assist a person in finding the root cause of their problem. This is covered in level 2.

Finally by simply following a step by step approach, you will discover how to help a client release psychological issues. Using questions that target specific points on the brain, it is possible for your client to get relief from something such as clinical depression, often in 2 to 3 sessions. This is covered in Level 3 of the material. (See an example of the results of this in the video above with Kari.)

When healing is this simple, it becomes clear that you or your client can heal themselves naturally, working with you as their Wellness Coach, (alongside their doctor). And it’s a lot quicker than it was possible to do before, without you our your client repeating their issue again. So that doubt in your mind can go. (99% of all energetic solutions out there don’t do this, however this work fuses perfectly with all those therapies, making your solutions even more powerful). That’s very important to say. Because if you know EFT, NLP. Reiki or something equally as amazing, those disciplines are still relevant – you just become a lot smarter at finding and clearing the shocks that are causing your clients chronic issues.

My quest is to allow natural healing to be within the grasp of you and every one of your clients. Those of you who take advantage of this strategy gain something so priceless that it cannot be measured in terms of money. You personally will profit from a true understanding of how and why you heal, as mother nature truly intended for you and your clients – Naturally.

You will gain an understanding in healing that educates you in any illness, however challenging. As for will this benefit you financially, can you see the importance of understanding the real reason why mother nature creates a disease? aAnd then how she can heal you? It is really priceless. You can’t put a cost on that, can you?

FREE – Session With Richard

It is impossible in this brief article, to give you more than a idea of the range of scope that this new strategy of working with chronic issues, consists of. But those of you who are interested can find a detailed description in a fascinating FREE 3 part video that answers those questions for you. CLICK or TAP HERE

The video is more than just information, unquestionably it covers the whole story of why Mother Nature creates a disease and how you can unravel the root cause. So she can get to work healing you or your client – Naturally. If you are interested in finding out more detail of what’s behind this incredible strategy and what it can do for you, plus experiencing this incredible work yourself, click on the link below and book some time with me, and/or watch the video and truly discover the real solution to “How to heal Chronic Illness Naturally”.

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