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Follow the energetic healing journey of Marci (fictional character) who was diagnosed with breast cancer. Through the transformative 5 steps to healing, witness a part of Marci's remarkable journey to reclaiming her health and vitality.

"Transform Your Health and Energy with the 5 Powerful Steps to Energetic Healing"

  1. Redress your Stress
  2. Release your Toxicity
  3. Reduce your Inflammation
  4. Rework your Environment
  5. Raise your Energy

Discover the powerful 5 Steps to Healing Energetically with Richard Flook in this absorbing chapter. Follow the journey of Marci, a fictional character based on real clients, as she battles breast cancer and undergoes Richard's transformative energy healing process. Prepare to be amazed as Richard reveals mind-blowing information about structured water later in the chapter. Don't miss out - experience this captivating chapter just as it appears in the book!

But wait, there's more to discover...

  • The study of structured water is a well-established field, and scientists around the world are studying it.
  • Water changes its structure based on various factors such as solar eclipses, passing comets, changes in weather, and seasons.
  • Water takes on the emotions of the people around them, and we can influence water through our intentions.
  • Stressful thoughts change your own water and affect communication with those around you.
  • Water creates the structure of all proteins, even fat, and mitochondria.
  • Water has an effect on unfolding amino acids and proteins in your body.
  • Water in an structured state is physically different from bulk water and has the ability to hold information.
  • Structured water forms a layered honeycomb structure and can be a solid at room temperature.
  • The energy that makes structured water happen comes from light and Mother Earth.
  • Plants use structured water in the same way to move water to and from their leaves.
  • Good quality water such as spring water, the juice of green plants, turmeric with ground pepper, ghee, clarified butter, coconut, fats, a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, sunshine, near infrared saunas, and earthing or grounding are essential for building structured water.
  • The implications of the discovery of structured water could be significant, particularly in the field of atmospheric science.
How can I Heal book

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This book provides a fresh perspective on healing by focusing on the energetic aspects of health. The author highlights the importance of addressing emotional trauma and removing toxins in order to restore energy and promote healing. The book also recognizes the value of working alongside traditional medicine and doctors.

The author's personal experience with finding alternative healing methods and the inclusion of real-life examples, such as Ray Dalio's cancer diagnosis, make the book relatable and engaging. 

Overall, "How Can I Heal?" is a thought-provoking book that challenges readers to consider a more holistic approach to health and healing. The book is well-written and easy to understand, making it accessible to a wide range of readers.


what people are saying

Marci's side makes it more personal and gives the book light and a story otherwise people would put the book down as it would be too scientific...the combination is perfect


Finally a book that answers the question on how are external environment really affects our health internally. Following the journey of Marci really helps the understading of the disease process and that you can take back control of your health.


Great explanation of how the environment affects the cells' ability to generate energy, and how healing the environment can lead to healing your body.