What is this going to cost? 
You have the option of 3 different payment plans. The first plan is a full payment of $2995. There is a 2 payment option of $1547.50 and a final payment option, 6 payments of $549​​

Can I make separate payments?
Yes we have payment plans that you can choose when checking out 

What can I do after the course?
​You can work with clients on a one to one basis with pain, physical illness, and psychological issues. Different countries and states have different rules for individuals as to what and who they can work with, you will need to check. We recommend you get insurance. If you have been in this field for some time and specialize in a specific area, you could also join us in becoming one of our professional, where we will recommend you to clients.


How long are the modules?
There are 6 modules overall. Each module varies in length. As you make your way through these modules you will be increasing your workload of the course. These modules are created to teach 

Who do I contact if I am having problems signing up?
For any questions contact Richard through his email - richard@richardflook.com

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