March 15

How Greed Has Taken Over Healing And How To Change That For Good


Unless you have been living under a bus recently, you may have realised that when it comes to healing the medical profession has been captured by big pharma.

A great example of this is how in the early 2020s billions were made by a handful of companies. This would not have been a problem, were it for the fact that the medical interventions offered by these businesses did nothing, saved no-one, caused unprecedented damage to people’s health and in many cases ruined lives.

But why should you care?

Because greed has taken over healing and the people running the show don’t care.

“Greed means an excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves.”

It begs the question then ‘Why do you rush for a pill first when you feel ill and what can you do instead?’ 

Did you know that disease is triggered by a specific stressful event. This has be confirmed over and over gain in the medical and scientific literature. In Richard Flook’s new book How can I heal? He lists hundreds of papers proving this fact.

But there are a few reasons why we ignore these things and still grab that pill.

  1. The industries controlling the medical agenda have cancelled anyone who talks about the link between stress and disease
  2. The literature is buried so deep its almost impossible to find
  3. Dealing with stressful events does not line the big pharma pockets
  4. Doctors are taught nothing about how stress triggers disease by their pay master – big pharma

The end result is that pill seems to be be your only option. So pharmaceutical industries have thrown billions of dollars at diseases to find a pill that you want, but it does not mean that it will work! Let’s not forget these pharmaceutical industries are businesses. They are not charities, not governments, not well meaningful organisation, with a passion for saving mankind.

They are businesses and business is all about making money. Business is all about adding value to your life, by finding a way to save you time, by making your life easier, and then they charge you for that privilege. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this model. And in most situations you have a choice where you spend your hard earned cash. You buy an Apple, Windows or Google product. You buy a Ford, GM or Toyota car. You wear Reebok, Nike or Adidas. You drink Coca Cola, Pepsi or Red Bull. And the brands fight over your hard earned cash to give you the best products they can. There is competition!

But the problem occurs in business where there is no competition.  And these pharmaceutical businesses have created a place in the marketplace where the competition has been annihilated. There is NO choice. And in business terms that is seriously bad news for you, the consumer, but enormously profitable for them.

If there is no competition the business can charge what they like for their products and they can do what ever they like. They can control governments, scientists, they can dictate policy, they basically can do what ever they like and they can quash anything and everything that threatens their Cash Cow existence. Because they can throw as much money at any problem until it goes away.

But knowing this then opens up the question…

Has greed taken over healing?

I am obviously not referring to your doctor here when it comes to healing. I have many doctor friends, and I have immense respect for them. And this is what they tell me they are now, “Modern day, legalized drug pushers”. At least the local General Practitioner are.

It’s NOT their fault either but the fault of these GREED driven, pharmaceutical businesses, and a system, that everyone buys into. That plays on your illusion that a pill can heal you of anything.

Healing is now controlled by your drug companies, whose investments in the development of new drugs runs into billions of dollars.

And the irony is they, the pharmaceutical industries are not to blame. Because in order to protect their enormous investments in developing these pills that you all want so badly, they have to control government policy, they have to control the medical profession, and they ultimately have to control you. And they do that by not fully allowing you to heal yourself, therefore you take more of their pills. So like any business they can get an even bigger return on their investment.

Call me a cynic but that’s what is happening the world over. And the crazy thing is these companies have no choice but to aggressively sell their products to medical doctors, and push out anyone else from getting a look in, or anything that might get in the way of their profits.

That’s what businesses are in the business of doing. Making MONEY and lots and lots of it.

Especially when there are solution that costs next to nothing, and works 100 times better than their solution. You may not know this but in Europe you can’t buy many homeopathic remedies or certain vitamins anymore off the self. Because of what these companies have done to protect their profits!

It’s just business. There is no conspiracy.

These companies are doing nothing wrong. It’s just, isn’t your health supposed to be more important than greed!

The solution? If you’re suffering from an ailment, pain, chronic condition, if you have not already done so, see your lovely doctor first.

And then deal with the underlying traumatic shocks that caused you to become unwell in the first place. Because now it is simple to find that underlying problem.

How? Click or Tap here and book yourself a FREE session to experience how you can do this with me. Or watch my 3 part video series online and find out more about why you are sick and how you can heal – naturally?

What you will discover is you can combine your pill taking, which is designed to help with your symptoms, and then take back control of your own healing by dealing with the sickening stressful events that caused your problem to occur in the first place.

Working alongside your doctor, which is an absolute must, you can then get yourself better, faster and more naturally. Ultimately you create your own choice in how you get back to wellness.

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