Learn How To Heal Differently using Advanced Clearing Energetics

The simple step by step secret to quickly finding and clearing root of pain, chronic illness and psychological issues in minutes. This unique approach took over 25 years to uncover through mountains of scientific research behind this extraordinary strategy. 

How a sickening stressful event - a shock to your system - is the real cause of a disease. What makes that shock so unique that it changes everything in your life. Not releasing this shock is the real reason why illnesses won’t heal.

The secret criteria for what causes an illness to occur. Knowing this simple benchmark makes the difference between understanding why stress alone does not cause an illness, but how specific stressful events do and how those stressful events lodging in your body are the real cause of illness.

Why will illness not show up after a sickening stressful event. Most natural health coaches don't know this, as you would expect the symptoms to show up following a shock. Richard clarifies how illness is really created, and also he describes the energetic reason for cancer.

The mistake traditional medicine has made in dealing with disease and how you, as a natural health coach, can truly assist your client in healing their illness. This surprising insight will dramatically increase your understanding of disease.

How does mother nature create a disease for a good reason and why knowing this will transform your approach to assisting a client to heal themselves - naturally. This also explains energetically the actual reason why cancers appears.

Why most natural health coaches find themselves getting frustrated with traditional medicine and that approach to healing. What the real reason is for this, and the true reason why the pharmaceutical industry has a monopoly on controlling medicine. Why is your medical doctor always finding it very difficult to understand any energetic approach to healing.

The proof behind how an energetic strategy to assisting a client in healing themselves has already been discovered. The science behind how traditional medicine has missed the real cause of disease. Also the fascinating science behind how many diseases are predestined to occur.

The secret steps to healing naturally are demonstrated in this course. Follow along as Richard takes a client, ‘Live’ through the steps to heal illnesses, pain and other issues. You will learn that this strategy can be carried out very quickly.

How as energetic practitioners you never really healed anyone, rather our clients heal themselves. Knowing this can save you an enormous amount of energy and time. Plus the positive legal implications of applying this strategy to your practice.

How to tap the source of this amazing strategy, how to learn it easily and what is included in the unique training. As well as some last minute pearls of wisdom to the real secrets on how healing truly works.