If you could talk to a Scruffy Dog… then what else could you discover about yourself?

October 23rd video where we worked with Scruffy Dog again aand also Barbara and her dog. A wonderful interaction.

If you would like to connect up with Lucille please email her here. lucillewhite AT I have spelt it out so she does not get spammed.

Below is last weeks video where I spent a wonderful 30 minutes with my friend and former student Lucille White.

A quick Story, Lucille has been doing some pretty neat work tapping into energy fields and answering peoples burning questions. She’s had some success in business but it was not until I sat down with her and Scruffy Dog, did it suddenly click how talented she really is, You’ll met Scruffy in the video. What’s so funny is how damn accurate Lucille was. She absolutely nailed Scuffy Dog and that got me thinking.

If you could talk with the Scruffy Dog then what else could you discover? So we did another session on Mitochondria and that was just plain weird Рbut  absolutely incredibly. Рsee below.

I filmed the interaction with Lucille and Scruffy and it was soooooo cute but also incredibly insightful

Adventures in ¬†Energetic Healing – Tunning nto the Energy of Scruffy Dog…

Talking to the energy of Mitochondria with Lucille White

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