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MEETING Richard Flook

What happens now?

You should get an email in your inbox with all the details of time, place and date of when you are meeting. If not do check your spam.

Richard will call you on the phone number you left at the time and date. Or if you want to speak on Skype, Zoom or another platform such as Messenger, FaceTime or WhatsApp you can email or message Richard.  (See below).

If you notice the time is wrong, it does happen, be relaxed and just email Richard to speak on the same day, but a few hours later. 

You will get an email reminding you of the meeting 24 hours, an hour and 15 minutes beforehand.

If you cannot make the meeting, just reschedule. All good.

Speak soon

Richard Flook

Contact details to speak to Richard

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Office Phone (Canada):

(289) 799-1010 

or email Richard directly from here (see the boxes below)...

Richard usually writes back by the next day.