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Sex, Death and Everything In Between

Heal Differently Mini Series

Meet The Specialists 

Shiri Ben- Arzi

Shiri Ben-Arzi is a worldwide speaker, Medical Coach and creator of the MCI – Medical Coaching methodology. She trains coaches and Healthcare practitioners around the world and uses Medical coaching to help her clients to develop emotional and mental resilience for the sake of improving their quality of life.

Cathy Vozzo & Linda

Cathy Vozzo is Enhancing Health. With more than 16 years of knowledge and experience Cathy has practiced and studied in a wide range of natural therapies, keeping up to date with advances in therapeutic practise in the UK, Europe and North America. Cathy is a Kinesiologies, NES Heath Practitioner, Reiki Master and an Advanced Clearing Energetics Master.

Christa Krahnert

Christa has been a Psychotherapist since 1993 and a German Naturopath. She  specializes in supporting people with cancer and chronic disease since 1995. She is also a professional Teacher and Speaker with different health topics worldwide. Christa is the co-author of “Process Orientated Cancer Therapy”, which was published in 2001. She has also been trained to be a Sensitive Healer – sitting weekly in 2 training circles for over 10 years. She enjoys people and the deep seeded creative potential that belongs to every single individual.

Jonathan Shaw 

A couple years ago Jonathan developed a chronic shoulder problem and nothing was helping his pain, until he discovered the connection stress has with our bodies. He discovered that stress plays a huge part in not just pain but all illnesses and learned some incredible information about how different stresses affect different parts of us. By using this information, after a year and a half of shoulder pain, he was able to get rid of the pain in 20 minutes. He then went on to 
study the many ways to release stress from the body, until 2014 when he created his own system for switching off stress and the triggers that create it so that he could solve other people's pain and other illnesses quickly.

Janice Thompson

Having gained two masters degrees, one in Exercise Physiology and one in Research Psychology, she has spent a few years lecturing before running a successful business as a personal trainer for 20 years. After the sudden death of her husband in 2002 her life took a new path of healing and self- discovery and subsequently she has developed a new career from that experience.  Since 2006 she has worked with individual clients and ran training courses in all the energy therapies she uses. She is an EFT Practitioner and Master Trainer, Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner and META-Health Coach and trainer and ACE practitioner and trainer. These wonderful techniques have helped me on a personal level and I now help many others by integrating them into my own way of working. After many years of specializing in helping those bereaved and several years of research she has now developed a Joy Beyond Grief courses for practitioners and for those who have experienced loss. 

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