These videos are from the Money Revealed 9 part series. They are an excellent start in educating yourself about Money. Since we were never taught about money at school and most people fear Money. See the ACE Mentoring session I did on 24th April 2019. I really do suggest you buy the series. or at least register. I hope to capture all of the videos as they are published.

You can point friends to Episode 1 on youTube, see the two YouTube videos below. If you click on the top of the video it will open up in YoUtube – you can then share the link with others and tell them how good the other episodes are.

Episode 1

Bonus Episode 1

Episode 2

Bonus Episode 2

Episode 3

Bonus Episode 3

Episode 4

Bonus Episode 4

Episode 5

Bonus Episode 5

Episode 6

Bonus Episode 6

Episode 7

Bonus Episode 7

Episode 8

Bonus Episode 8

Episode 9

Bonus Episode 9

Episode 10 (Bonus)

Bonus Episode 10

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