'You Can Heal' - Weekend

"Your Answer to Healing is Here"

Are you fed up with your illness, pain and symptoms? When really all you want is to be well.

Maybe you have done all the lifestyle changes, such as diet, exercise and remedies but your issue is still there.

Want to discover why your disease is still lingering and what to do to heal it.

This is your chance to finally find and clear the specific emotional issues that are holding you back from getting well.

“I will get you to the root cause of your disease, clear it, so you heal!” 

- Richard Flook

FREE consult included

Why it works?

Richard will get you to...

01 Find the Root Cause

FIND the root cause driving your disease, pain or symptoms

02 Clear It

CLEAR the trapped energy behind that root cause

03 Heal

YOU HEAL your disease by stopping the endless disease cycle

On this weekend you clear the trapped emotions that have been playing havoc with your whole system.

Stop your disease from going around in an endless cycle by removing what's been triggering it.

Clear what’s been triggering your chronic issue, inflammation or mental imbalances, so they go away.

FREE consult included

What's in the 'You Can Heal' weekend

Experience the latest insights into energetic healing

  • Tailored to your needs: Before the course you will have a one to one consultation to discuss what you want from the weekend, this is so Richard can personally tailor what you need to clear - ensuring your success.
  • Backed by Research: With 30 years of working with clients the world over and recently with four years of research writing the new book 'How Can I Heal? during the weekend Richard Flook will explain some of the theory behind how you can successfully heal yourself - backed by over 1600+ medical and scientific papers.
  • Be guided to heal: In the weekend you will be guided through tried, tested and proven processes that will release your traumas that are triggering your symptoms, pain or disease and get you the healing results that you want.
  • Watch Demonstrations: See the unique energetic processes in action, before you are guided through them by Richard.
  • Experience the processes yourself: The main part of the weekend is you going through the clearing processes yourself. You will be expertly guided through them and then you will get to test has the energy fully released before moving on.
  • Ask questions: You will be able to ask questions, and get feedback to ensure you have released your issues, this ensures your wellness journey will complete successfully.
  • Gain Profound Knowledge: Learn about the 5 Steps to Energetic Healing, releasing hidden traumas, releasing toxicity, and mastering the art of reducing inflammation.
  • Discover Healing Secrets: Explore the intricate blueprint of disease, unravelling the quantum secrets of the body for trans-formative healing.
  • Become Empowered: Learn the importance of abundant and joyful wellness by addressing underlying issues, releasing toxic relationships, and resolving internal conflicts linked to diseases.
  • Learn Innovative Approach: Discover a brand-new healing process, developed over four years, to find the pivotal traumatic events that trigger illness and transform lives.'How can I Heal?'
  • Obtain Inflammation Insights: Unlock the true purpose of inflammation and be guided to significantly reduce it.
  • Address Your Base Fears: Swiftly release those deeply embedded primal fears and angers that are hindering your overall healing.
  • Work With Energy Dynamics: Uncover the Octons, harnessing the power of this unique approach to releasing energetic traumas effortlessly that trigger disease.
  • Reach Ultimate Wellness: Cultivate abundant and joyful wellness by adding a new ‘positive’ event into where the old issues were. This new event will drive your body to maintain it’s ongoing health.

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FREE consult included

How is the 'You Can Heal' weekend run?

Before the weekend commences, you'll have a one-on-one discussion with Richard to address your personal needs at no additional cost. Following this, a Zoom link will be provided for you to access the course.

You'll receive a workbook that you will need to download and print.

You'll be part of a small, intimate group where everyone is working on their personal issues. Sharing is entirely optional; you'll only engage in exercises with Richard.

Richard will explain the six stages of a disease and discuss the symptoms you're likely to experience following the energetic clearing. This is so you can get prepared for your body to complete its healing process.

Once the weekend concludes, you'll receive recordings of the sessions for future review.

Additionally, Richard will schedule another optional call to review your progress and answer any questions you may have.

LIVE ONLINE with Richard Flook on November 25/26th 2023

Start 2pm UK, 3pm Europe, 9am EST, 8am CST and 6am PST

(6.5 hours daily)

Get to the root cause of your disease, clear it and heal!

FREE consult included

Here’s what people are saying about Richard's energetic healing 

Healed Breast Issue

"When I found Richard's work, I found the missing piece to healing and healed a breast issue that the medical profession only knew how to  cut, burn and poison" 

Glenda Johnson - Professional Health Coach
Healed Chronic Pain

"Thanks to Richard's team my sciatic back pain has now gone and my arm, that couldn't straighten for 17 years, is now straight"

Libby Steggles Ginn - Emotional coach for CHILDREN
Healed Pain In Neck

"I was working on an intense pain and stiffness in my neck, and the pain and stiffness has gone. But what was amazing is I had some thoughts going on in my head that were very charged. Those thoughts have completely disappeared"

Jim McAninch  -  ADDICTIONS SPECIALIST and coach

A weekend made just for you...

Amidst the chaos of a world filled with endless distractions and ongoing stress. Picture a weekend where you can unwind, centre your focus on healing you, and free yourself from the trapped energy that's been stopping you from healing.

Learn how to love your life and heal yourself energetically...

Most people have allowed themselves to be led by their pain and suffering in all areas of their life. Learn how to reclaim your inner strength, love your life and unleash your true healing abilities

Unlock 30 years of research and development into energetic healing...

Healing does not come from a pill, or an injection, it comes from within. By removing the triggers that stop your body from naturally healing itself. Experience what 30 years of ongoing research that Richard has carried out with some of the best minds in the world, can do for you

Places are Limited for the 'You Can Heal' Weekend!

FREE consult included

Have you ever wanted to... 

Have access to outstanding information about healing your mind and body?

Access unparalleled knowledge to heal your mind and body. This cutting-edge information, known to only a select few globally, offers verifiable insights that significantly aid in healing and resolves seemingly insurmountable health issues.

Join in an immersive journey guided by Richard who has over 30 years of experience in energetic healing.

During your weekend, Richard will unveil the captivating secrets behind the efficacy of energetic healing. This incredible information, supported by scientific and medical research plus visible and experiential evidence, solidifies what top energy practitioners have long understood: energetic healing stands as the essential foundation for all healing.

Discover how disease is really a process

Uncover the intricate yet straightforward process your body undergoes in manifesting disease. This revelation provides a comprehensive understanding of how and why organs give rise to illness, ultimately illuminating your path to healing

Note: Tackle those chronic issues that confound medical experts – from eczema, irritable bowel syndrome, acne to chronic back pain. Uncover the true underlying energetic source of your specific problem and liberate yourself from its grip

Richard Flook, author and international trainer

About Your Course Teacher, Richard Flook

At 12 years old, Richard experienced the devastating loss of his mother due to breast cancer and the treatments. Later, at 37, he endured a year-long struggle with a herniated disc, finding no relief through conventional medical channels.

These pivotal life moments ignited his journey to uncover the roots of diseases and explore alternative paths to healing, free from traditional medical approaches.

Through meticulous exploration, he connected the dots, understanding how stress, toxicity, and inflammation serve as catalysts for pain and disease. Delving deeper, he discovered that by releasing energetic stress, purging toxicity, and mitigating inflammation, true healing becomes achievable.

Coming from England and residing in France, Richard now shares his profound knowledge of energetic healing on a global scale, offering insights gain from his personal journey and thousands of clients worldwide.

Here’s what people are saying about Richard's energy healing work

Brings all energetic modalities together 

"I worked with a girlfriend on a few issues and she just loved the experience; and surprisingly so did I. I provide a service called integrated counselling & kinesiology which I love and is very left brain based; but I have never felt the type of warm connection I felt when I was working with my friend. I must admit I loved the experience and I believe it to be very healing. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience this intriguing therapy.

Jenny Sherrell - integrated counselling & kinesiology

Delivers profound energetic shifts

"Thank you Richard for your amazing contribution to Energy Medicine. You have presented a body of work that appeals to the logical mind, and can deliver profound energetic shifts"

Penny Kaczmarek - practitioner

Incorporates the best of all words of healing

"I love the ease, speed, simplicity, beauty and elegance of what Richard does. It incorporates the best of NLP, Hypnosis, Imagery, Matrix Re-imprinting, Time-line Therapy, and Trans-personal Psychology into a simple, powerful and profound way of shifting and clearing painful material from the mind, body and heart and does so with little or no intrusion or resistance"

Timothy Ryan phd - family therapy practitioner

One price for your entire weekend



or pay over 3 months - $99 Special

You will receive joining instructions once you enrol


After enrolling in the 'You Can Heal' weekend you can get an unparalleled, exclusive opportunity: a one-on-one consultation with Richard (approx 30-45 minutes). This personalised session is all about you, your needs, your goals, your weekend.

Richard will use this time to listen to what you want to achieve and help you tailor your upcoming weekend to ensure it's in alignment with your wishes.


“I will get you to the root cause of you disease, clear it, so you heal"

Richard Flook

You are fully protected by our No quibble 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If you feel that the weekend is not what we said it was and you express that you want a full refund, We will honour that, no quibble and no questions asked.

We know doing anything that is technically intangible requires a leap of faith, on your behalf. We know that you are entrusting Richard Flook and his team, to deliver on the promise of assisting you to heal your ailments, pains or disease.

We can make no claim to heal you, as it is your body you are working with. Likewise we also recognize that guiding you to heal yourself energetically is what we do and we want to ensure you come away from the weekend feeling 100% satisfied.

What Energetic Healing can do for you...

Healing Long Term Flu

Alexandra Evans describes how Richard Flook assisted her in clearing the flu that knocked her for six. Normally she would have bounced back quickly but this issue really was dragging on for weeks. As a yoga teacher she was doing everything right except deal with the trauma that caused the problem to occur in the first place.

Dr alexandra evans - yoga teacher and osteopath
12 out of 10 Pain Gone In 24h

Glenda Johnson is a female coach to female coaches. She's also an NLP Trainer, hypnotherapist and Time Line Therapy practitioner. She had excruciating pain a (12 out of 10 pain) in her hip and knee. Listen as she recounts the story of how I (Richard Flook) worked to clear the root of the problem using Advanced Clearing Energetics

glenda johnson - coach
Borderline Personality Disorder and Medication Gone  

Richard Flook walks Kari Reed through the first set of steps to release the shocks that lead to her borderline personality disorder (BPD). Since working with Kari her doctor has given Kari permission to stop her medication as she no longer suffers with depression or a borderline personality disorder.

kari reed  - energy practitioner

Frequently asked questions

What if I cannot attend on the day?

The You can Heal weekend is recorded and therefore you will have access to all the videos and the workbook. You will also have the opportunity to connect up with Richard and discuss any part of the weekend where you might need further clarification.

Will I have to work on my own?

All the You can Heal weekend exercises are designed to done on your own with Richard guiding you, however you may want to take part in a demonstration, working with Richard. 

What resources will be made available to me?

You will have access to a workbook which you will need to print out before the weekend, the videos will also be made available after the weekend

How difficult are the exercises?

Richard has been assisting people worldwide with making life transforming energetic changes for over 30 years. Not everyone responds in the same way. Richard will talk you through different options dependant on what you are experiencing. If you are experiencing any difficulties in clearing, communicate with Richard and he will personally talk you through the solution.

FREE consult included