Thank You for Joining Your 'How Can I Heal?' Retreat

What happens next?

IMPORTANT info about your retreat

1. Watch the 3 videos below (total 24 minutes) ~ This will explain so much about what you are going to be doing on the retreat

2. EXCLUSIVE ~ Book your exclusive meeting with Richard using the button below

3. Chose the times you want to attend. November 18/19th and 25/26th 2023 IMPORTANT there are two separate repeated sessions per day A and B to cover time zones. (You can attend both sessions if you wish.) -

  • Session A (3.5 hours) Start 8am UK, 9am Europe, Australia 7pm, NZ 9pm, India 1.30pm, Middle East 10am
  • Session B (3.5 Hours) Start 2pm UK, 3pm Europe, 9am EST, 8am CST, and 6am PST, India 7.30pm Middle East 4pm

4. Zoom link will be sent to you in an email before your retreat. Along wth other important information such as your 'Retreat Workbook'

5. Attend LIVE or watch the recordings. These will be available after each sessions 

A Reminder of the Amazing Benefits Awaiting You at Your Retreat

Cutting edge Information that very few people have experienced. Yet it's all provable, massively assist in your healing and answers questions that solve seemingly unsolvable health problems.

  • Discover verifiable solutions that demystify  unsolvable health issues: Gain access to transformative answers that go beyond traditional boundaries, providing the missing link to resolving your health challenges.
  • Empower yourself with the knowledge to switch off and unplug a diseased organ from traumatic shock, gaining mastery over your body's healing mechanisms.
  • Move forward in your life and set up your future in alignment with your hearts true purpose You’ll get access to the LIVE retreat with Richard and all the recordings which are 10 videos that cover the process of 'How you can Heal?' You can watch these anytime and apply the amazing energetic healing techniques again and again

"My aim isn't to heal you, but to teach you how to heal yourself."

Richard Flook

Richard Flook

Author and international trainer

More Information About Your Retreat

Have you ever pondered "Why am I sick, and how can I heal?" Just suppose what would happen if you combined those two question to truly master your health. Enter a unique two-day 'Retreat' where Richard not only imparts his 30 years of wisdom assisting you to identify the very traumas that are triggering your pain or illness but also empowers you to overcome them.

heal your pain

All pain has its roots in inflammation, all inflammation is fueled by heat. By unraveling the emotions igniting this heat, you unlock the potential to halt the relentless grip of pain. 

clear your fear

Unshackle the chains of fear. Discover how to release fear's grip and reset your life in the way you want it to be


Unlock the mysteries behind chronic diseases and delve into the triggers that set these ailments in motion. Gain insights into how you can unravel these complex conditions and embark on a journey toward long term wellness.

Get started now ~ understand what triggers a disease!

Watch the journey of a UDIN Shock - 3 short videos ~ Really worth 24 minutes of your time

Video 1 - What causes a disease!

Video 2 - why do we get sick!

Video 3 - how can you heal!

EXCLUSIVE Enrolling in the Retreat grants you an unparalleled, exclusive opportunity: a one-on-one consultation with Richard (approx 30 minutes). This personalised session is all about you, your needs, your goals, your retreat.

Richard will use this time to listen to what you want to achieve and tailor your upcoming retreat to ensure it's perfectly aligns with what your wishes.