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advanced clearing energetic session
with Richard Flook

Why do an ACE Session with Richard Flook?

If you are suffering from a chronic condition, PAIN, a psychological problem (such as depression or anxiety), something where your traditional doctor or even alternative practitioners has drawn a blank, then an ACE Session with Richard Flook is your answer to getting yourself back to wellness quickly.

With over 27 years of experience, working with some of the greatest minds in the 20th and 21st century in healing, you are not just getting someone who trains energetic medicine to people worldwide, you are not just getting someone who is constantly evolving energetic healing material, you are getting someone who will hold your hand throughout the healing process and assist you to get your health back.

If you have not cleared the traumatic shock that caused your body to go into a spin in the first place, then it will not make a difference in healing if you eat all the right foods, take the right supplements, use the best energetic devices on the planet available to you. Finding that shocking event is what Richard can do for you and assist you to release the trauma so then all the foods, supplements and devices you are using will start to work properly.

Most doctors don’t know why chronic issues are there. They don’t get the energetic component. They don’t realize the importance of healing the trauma that caused the body to become ill in the first place and how that trauma is constantly being re-triggered in your life, by circumstances out of your awareness. Richard can assist you to unravel this problem so you get your health and life back.

Remember YOU heal you. That’s why you need to take charge of your healing and clear the one thing that caused your body to start a disease off in the first place. And that is a shocking trauma. Such as a divorce, being sacked from a job you love, losing a precious loved one. Finding and clearing deep seated traumas such as these, is what Richard can help you do.

A special session just for you, to heal your stuff and get yourself back to wellness naturally.

You don't have time to to be unwell, being ill sucks. It costs $30,000 a year for a family member to be in a depressed state. It costs several thousand dollars to deal with a horrendous disease such as MS or Complex regional Pain Syndrome. It disrupts lives, work, fun and the stress it puts on family members is horrendous. Much of this can be avoided if the one that is unwell can heal properly, once and for all. Thats what an ACE session can do.

Why the simple (yet totally misunderstood) “healing of trauma” is one of the simplest things you can do for your long term health and wellness overall. Governments, the medical profession and individuals in power have no interest in your wellness. All they want are your tax dollars and your money to keep them in business. That’s why the best thing you can do for yourself is get yourself well. Healing your trauma that caused your issue in the first place is 80% of it. And ACE Session will get you on your way back to health freedom once again. Back and in charge of your life.

What you get from an ACE Session with Richard Flook?

One to one time with Richard Flook, in person, either using a secure platform or over the phone.

Advice on how you can heal energetically - including referrals, if needed, to other practitioners who are colleagues of Richard from the Academy of Comprehensive and Integrative medicine.

Knowledge of advanced HealIng modalities applied to your healing, its not just about energetic healing, its also how do you clear inflammation, detoxify and change diet so you get the right healing process for you.

Clearing of the traumas that are stopping you from completing your healing - including using the latest processes that Richard has developed from his research and practice

A comprehensive plan worked out for you on what to do to assist you in healing your issue energetically and naturally. So you know where you are in the whole process (Giving you a clear path to follow so you get back to wellness quickly)

Checking in with you throughout the process of your healing, so you know your hand is being held as you heal. Healing is challenging and sometimes the illness changes and gets worse before its gets better. Richard will be there during this time, for you, guiding you so you can get over this hump and feeling better faster.

When to see your doctor and what to do when you do need to see them. Doctors are great and intelligent people. And they are not all trained on the relationship between the brain and disease (even though the evidence is overwhelming) but they do know how to deal with serious complicated diseases. Richard will work alongside you and your doctor so you feel 100% cared for.

$500US or 450 Euros per session