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Over the past year I have become increasingly interested in the health impacts of Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF). Especially the types used in mobile phones, computers and Bluetooth devices. This was brought to my attention when I spent 3 days sitting next to Dr Joe Mercola, the internets most well known alternative doctor, in February 2018.

Once I got to know him, I asked him. “Is my wifi router safe?” His reply truly shocked me.

“Would you live next door to a mobile phone tower?”

My reply, just like everyone else I know was, “No way!”

“Well Richard, your wifi router is emitting the same amount of radiation as if you lived next door to one of those cancer emitting towers.” Dr Joe never minces his words.

I gulped, and as soon as I got home I removed the wifi element of my router and converted the whole house, so all our Macs, iPads and iPhones are wired. It’s just as fast as it was before but much, much safer for my family, my 11 year old son, the cat and of course the infamous Scruffy Dog.

But right now you have something even more horrific that is coming to your neighbourhood very soon…

And it’s called 5G.

And the concerns about its health impacts will scare the begeebers out of you.

5G is the next generation of mobile phone communication. At present we have 4G or LTE.  5G is very different because unlike the other generations of telephone microwave radiation, which is a possible carcinogen, see link here, 5G will transmit at an even higher frequency, meaning they will have to put towers every 250 yard/meters or less, on lamp poles right outside your house.

Make no mistake you will be living right next door to your own personal mobile phone tower! But not just any mobile phone tower, this one will be transmitting at a much higher, even more harmful frequency, and at even higher voltages than 4G (LTE) levels.

Those 5G microwave frequencies will cause you, or your loved ones, or your pets, heart palpitations, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, depression and thats just to start with. And in the long term probably a chronic disease or even cancer. See the peer reviewed links below.

Just like lead in gasoline, Asbestos and Roundup, the companies involved in the roll out of 5G have purposefully doctored with the truth. They have bought scientists, lobbied governments and blatantly lied through their teeth about the health impact of all radio frequency stuff. Just so you are aware there has been no long term testing of the effects of 5G exposure, yet it is due to be rolled out worldwide by 2020. Do you ever feel like your just a human guinea pig, where the outcome is already known? Well prepare to be one, because…

5G = Cancer

These company bosses don’t care about you, your health, your pets health or your children’s health. They only care about one thing. Billions of dollars worth of profits. And since the telecoms industry is worth seven times that of big Pharma, then you can probably understand how and why they have got away with this for so long.

But there is something you can do about it.

In a special Webinar that I usually only deliver to my ACE Students, I am going to cover the dangers of these Radio Frequencies, especially 5G. And I am going to show you how you can use a very simple law, in your country, to stop a 5G tower (or any RF device for that matter) from being put next to your house or in your neighbourhood.

I have been following the Australians and the success they have had had in stopping and removing 4G and even  5G towers from being put into neighbourhoods just like yours and mine.

I am looking for groups of people to come together to protect us all, in different parts of the world. If you are up for helping people heal then join me. 

Check out a large number of peer reviewed research articles here about Mobile Phone Radio Frequency and Health. – 4000 studies– 1168 studies – 23,840 studies – 1,032 studies
Plus this study which cost $25 million by the U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP) clearly show that biological impacts occur at non-thermal exposures like those that take place from cell phones today.…/

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