"Discover The NEW Thinking As To Why You Get Sick And How You Can Heal"

Recorded Live in May 2019 in the UK - with Richard Flook. 

NOTE: - The sound was not good for the video.

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What you will Discover

How there are 5 steps to healing a disease that you must do in order to get well. 25+ years of studying and working with some of the greatest minds in the energetic healing fields, has created these 5 simple steps. (This information seems so radical, and at the same time mind-blowingly simple, that NOT knowing this could cause you to slow down your healing, costing you and your clients a lot more time and energy in not being well).

What really triggers the body to create a disease and how you can quickly heal this. If you know about energetic healing you will probably be aware of the power of healing traumas. But finding the specific triggers that shake a person's world apart, to create a disease, has always been incredibly difficult until now. (People all over the world acknowledge the importance of how traumatic events triggers disease, but medical doctors and most complementary practitioners are taught NOTHING about this vital piece of information. This means most interventions are seriously compromised, unless you heal the trauma first).

The 3 ways a disease stops you in your tracks. The astonishing natural process that triggers a disease and how it interrupts you in your healing. (These 3 processes are the key to completing your healing. Not doing them means a disease can remain chronic, become progressively worse or be repeatedly re-triggered, over and over again.)

What's covered in the Video

      0.00 Introduction

      2.20 The 5 Steps to Healing

    13.05 Where does disease start

    17.12 The 3 things that a disease does - How live survives

    19.25 The UDINS - What shales your world apart

    27.50 Where do UDINs land in your body

    39.50 Seeing UDINs in the brain

    45.20 UDINs affect your whole energetic system - The epigenetic link

    57.00 Example of UDINs and disease

 1.01.00 6 Stages of disease

1.05.00 Testimonial Glenda Johnson

1.08.00 Demonstration with Tamsin 

1.30.00 What happens if you don't clear your UDINs

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Simple, fast ​​​​and effective flexible move



  • Working time 24/7 all days
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  • Max 15 team members
  • Superfast wifi
  • Free Kitchen


Advanced Clearing Energetic Session
with Richard Flook

Richard Flook

If you are suffering from a chronic condition, PAIN, a psychological problem (such as depression or anxiety), something where your traditional doctor or even alternative practitioners has drawn a blank, then an ACE Session with Richard Flook is your answer to getting yourself back to wellness quickly.
$250.00 USD per hour (Plus applicable taxes)


Special buy 4 hours and get 5th hour FREE

With Christa Krahnert

Find out what is wrong in your body using the latest remote scanning technology. Carried out by Christa Krahnert. 
$150.00 USD

Books & MORE

Why Am I Sick?

$17.95 USD

Book written by Richard Flook, explaining why we get sick and how we can heal.

ACE Oils

$50 USD

Used in conjunction with ACE Flow, to speed up finding the traumas and ease the flow of releasing them. 

Biogeneology Source Book

$19.39 USD

A guide to how specific stressful events link between emotions, organ systems , and disease.

Free Downloads

Video Course

Discover what causes a disease, why we can get sick, and how you can heal. In 3 simple videos (6, 7 & 8 min long)

Vaccinations E-Book

To Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate, is a controversial subject until you really discover the truth.

5 Steps Coaching

The 5 steps to healing Energetically. When it comes to healing there are only 5 things you need to do. 

GMOs E-Book

This book outlines why human beings should not be consuming genetically modified foods.