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Why There Is One Thing That You Must Do First Before You Start Doing Anything Else When Healing Yourself Naturally


For over 40 years I have been passionate about finding out why we get sick and how you can heal – naturally. It seems though that everyone is an authority on healing. Your partner, your next door neighbour, your best friend?

They have all tried one remedy and it worked, so its going to work for you – right?  They saw this amazing doctor, or got their bones clicked through a brilliant chiropractor, or they saw this fantastic naturopath, acupuncturist, EFT practitioners, NLPer, Health Coach, and each one said take this, follow my plan or do that, that should help. Or you may have bought one of those of faddy sales pitch $97 solution – off the internet.

But on delving right into each one of what these people were saying, or doing, I noticed a pattern. That repeated itself over and over again. And that pattern is listed out below. There are 5 Steps to healing naturally. Which are all about giving your body the best possible chance to heal yourself, in the way mother nature intended – naturally?

What is covered below are the 5 steps (which must be carried out whilst working alongside a doctor.) All of these steps are straightforward. And every one of them, I believe, you will have come across in some way. They are not rocket science at all. Nor are they some amazing new solution that will miraculously heal you overnight. But they are a combination of what every one of these fantastic practitioners, I mentioned above, will be telling you.

You need to know that the magic comes from combining all 5 steps in the order I have listed below. But before you get into them I must do some due diligence.

If you or your clients are suffering from any form of medical or psychological issue or pain, if you have not already done so, go see your doctor, and tell them what’s happening to you. Especially before you embark on doing any of these steps below.

Below are the 5 steps outlined just for you….

  1. Redress The Stress The first step is to clear out your emotions/energy that is causing you to not heal. Emotions or shocks that we go through are absorbed by the body. If you don’t clear this energy/emotion a disease can become chronic. In other words it repeats itself over and over again. Common diseases like this are Eczema, Acne, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Even Psychological issues such as Depression and Mania are in the same category. You need to release the underlying energy that caused your body to create the disease in the first place. I have developed a system especially for clearing this emotional stuff. Its called Advanced Clearing Energetics or ACE for short. You can find out more about ACE here by watching the FREE Video Course
  2. Release The Toxins – Then we get into the next step. This Step is where you need to reduce your TOXICITY.  You cannot heal yourself if your cells are bathed in toxic waste from foods such as Genetically Modified foods and the millions of tons of pesticides and herbicides sprayed on your food that you are ingesting daily. I wrote, ‘Why Shouldn’t I eat Genetically Modified Foods?” You can read it here as a special gift. Please read it, it has almost 70 citations. That’s incredible for a such a small book. It’s not a technical book, don’t worry, it’s a good read and it’s not too long.
    GMO postClick the picture or DOWNLOAD your GMO Ebook Here
  3. Reduce The Inflammation – The third Step is to deal with the INFLAMMATION. This step, as one of my doctor friends says accounts for over 50% of her clients coming to see her. They would not be in her office if it was not for inflammation.
  4. Reclaim Your Environment – The fourth Step is to change your ENVIRONMENT. That means inside and out. Inside – Your guts have been bombarded with pesticides and herbicides and now, for almost 30 years, Genetically Modified Foods. Which are disastrous for us as humans. You MUST cut them out of your diet. You MUST! or slowly get more ill. Just read about what happened to Seralini’s rats in the GMO book – Page 19. The Inside environment needs vital vitamins, minerals and nutrients to repair and rebuild your cells. If you don’t have them you can’t heal yourself. You also may need to change your physical environment as well. I know of one doctor that gave up her fertility clinic because the stress of working there was unbearable. Her option was to continue suffering horrendous anxiety, which was seriously affecting her heart, that might end up killing her, or sell her clinic and do something else. She did something else. She was a very wise women.
  5. Raise Your Energy – The fifth step is to Raise your  Energy. Now this sounds the easiest but is one of the most challenging one for a lot of people. I have had some clients that will Never get well. Never. Not because they don’t want to. But because they refuse to focus on being well, they refuse to raise themselves up above their disease and focus on being well! They refuse to change their old habits, like eating foods that cause severe inflammation, or meat that has come from animals fed on Genetically Modified grains, stuffed full of artificial growth hormones and preventative antibiotics, and they just refuse to even dream of themselves being well. You have to break old habits and create new ones to get well. Why? It’s because if you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got. So raise your energy by doing something like meditation, yoga, a sport you love doing – even golf! It’s a lot easier than you think once you get into it.

There is one more thing that you need to know that is vitally important with regards to these 5 steps, and that is….. that in order to heal yourself properly you need to follow all the 5 steps listed out, in chronological order. Doing so will help your body heal itself – along the way.

And you must, Must, MUST do the first step first! (apart from seeing your doctor). All the other steps will be compromised if you don’t do the first step. You can start right now. Experience an ACE* session for yourself FREE – Then you can be the judge as to whether you would either like to work with myself or one of my ACE* Master Coaches, or you might want to learn how to do ACE* yourself and work with clients. You won’t know unless you experience it.

*ACE stands for Advanced Clearing Energetics and it comes from my 25 years of research into why we get sick and how you can heal. You can watch a FREE 3 part video course which explains all Click or Tap Here.

And remember you must start with the first step, and then work your way towards the second, third, fourth and the fifth. Each step is SIMPLE to do. I will admit NOT easy BUT simple.

If you want to find out more about what I do and any of my other work you can email and contact me personally. I have courses that you can take to become a certified practitioner in ACE. If you like what you see here. Do contact me. Email me personally HERE or Book time to speak to me personally HERE

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