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IMPORTANT info about your NEW 'You Can Heal' weekend

1. Watch the recorded retreat videos and download your manual listed below ~ This will explain so much about what you are going to be doing on the weekend (You will have received login instructions - please check your email)

2. EXCLUSIVE ~ Book your first personal meeting with Richard using the button below

3. Book out the session times that work for you July 13/14th 2024  **IMPORTANT**

4. Zoom link will be sent to you in an email before your weekend. Along with other important information

5. Attend one 4 hour session per day over the weekend.

6. Remember places are limited, so you will get Richard's full attention during the 4 hours.

Three session per day for you to choose from 

Find the one that fits your Time Zone

 (You can attend one session)

13th July - Find and clear your triggers behind your disease

14th July - Create a clear healthy way forward so you stay well

Session 1:    8am - 12pm Paris 

Session 2:   1pm - 5pm Paris

Session 3:   6pm - 10pm Paris

Click on the capital below for your session times

London UK BST

Session 1      7am - 11am

Session 2      12pm - 4pm

Session 3     5pm - 9pm


Sydney Australia AEDT

Session 1     5pm - 9pm

Session 2     10pm - 2am

Session 3     3am - 7am

New York USA EST

Session 1     2am - 6am

Session 2     7am - 11am

Session 3     12pm - 4pm

Los Angeles USA PST


Session 1     11pm - 3am

Session 2     4am - 8am

Session 3     9am - 1pm

Wellington NZDT

Session 1     7pm - 11pm

Session 2     12am - 4am

Session 3     5am - 9am

Dehli India IST

Session 1     11.30pm - 3.30pm

Session 2     4.30pm - 8.30pm

Session 3     9.30pm - 1.30am

Get started now ~ understand what triggers a disease!

Watch the Pre-Study videos (links below)

Having enrolled you will have received instructions to access the 'You Can Heal Retreat' course.
To get the most from your NEW 'You Can Heal' weekend, watch the videos listed below:

Watch the pre-study videos and get your Manual (links below)
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Why does it work?

Richard will get you to...


FIND the root cause driving your disease, pain or issue

02 clear

CLEAR the trapped energy behind that root cause


YOU HEAL your disease by stopping the endless disease cycle

Get started now!

“I will get you to the root cause of your disease and clear it, so you can heal"

A Reminder of the Amazing Benefits Awaiting You at the 'You Can Heal' weekend

  • Tailored to your needs: Before the course you will have a one to one consultation to discuss what you want from the weekend, this is so Richard can personally tailor what you need to clear - ensuring your success.
  • Backed by Research: With 30 years of working with clients the world over and recently with four years of research writing the new book 'How Can I Heal? during the weekend Richard Flook will explain some of the theory behind how you can successfully heal yourself - backed by over 1600+ medical and scientific papers.
  • Be guided to heal: In the weekend you will be guided through tried, tested and proven processes that will release your traumas that are triggering your symptoms, pain or disease and get you the healing results that you want.
  • Watch Demonstrations: See the unique energetic processes in action, before you are guided through them by Richard.
  • Experience the processes yourself: The main part of the weekend is you going through the clearing processes yourself. You will be expertly guided through them and then you will get to test has the energy fully released before moving on.
  • Ask questions: You will be able to ask questions, and get feedback to ensure you have released your issues, this ensures your wellness journey will complete successfully.
    • Gain Profound Knowledge: Learn about the 5 Steps to Energetic Healing, releasing hidden traumas, releasing toxicity, and mastering the art of reducing inflammation.
    • Discover Healing Secrets: Explore the intricate blueprint of disease, unravelling the quantum secrets of the body for trans-formative healing.
    • Become Empowered: Learn the importance of abundant and joyful wellness by addressing underlying issues, releasing toxic relationships, and resolving internal conflicts linked to diseases.
    • Learn Innovative Approach: Discover a brand-new healing process, developed over four years, to find the pivotal traumatic events that trigger illness and transform lives.'How can I Heal?'
    • Obtain Inflammation Insights: Unlock the true purpose of inflammation and be guided to significantly reduce it.
    • Address Your Base Fears: Swiftly release those deeply embedded primal fears and angers that are hindering your overall healing.
    • Work With Energy Dynamics: Uncover the Octons, harnessing the power of this unique approach to releasing energetic traumas effortlessly that trigger disease.
    • Reach Ultimate Wellness: Cultivate abundant and joyful wellness by adding a new ‘positive’ event into where the old issues were. This new event will drive your body to maintain it’s ongoing health.

    Some more Information About Your Retreat

    Have access to outstanding information about healing your mind and body?

    Access unparalleled knowledge to heal your mind and body. This cutting-edge information, known to only a select few globally, offers verifiable insights that significantly aid in healing and resolves seemingly insurmountable health issues.

    Join in an immersive journey guided by Richard who has over 30 years of experience in energetic healing.

    During your weekend, Richard will unveil the captivating secrets behind the efficacy of energetic healing. This incredible information, supported by scientific and medical research plus visible and experiential evidence, solidifies what top energy practitioners have long understood: energetic healing stands as the essential foundation for all healing.

    REMEMBER to book your personal meeting now...

    Enrolling in the 'You Can Heal' weekend grants you an unparalleled, exclusive opportunity: two one-to-one personal meetings with Richard (each 60 minutes). These personalised sessions are all about you, your needs, your goals, your weekend.

    Richard will use this time to listen to what you want to achieve and tailor your upcoming weekend to ensure it perfectly aligns with your wishes. After the weekend he wants to ensure you have got what you wanted from the exercises

    Remember following the weekend you will have access to a follow up 60 minute session with Richard